Naforye Full Body Nursing Pillow
RM 161.00

Can be used during and after pregnancy


Full Body Nursing Pillow

This nursing pillow is a full-body designed to follow the nature contours of your whole body; the long midsection of the pillow supports your belly or back -- promoting prop up spinal alignment and enhances muscle relaxation; slightly curved end snugly between your knees to help keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Most women will experience discomfort in the perineum for a while after they give birth. The wrap-around design with a Veicro brand closure provides a more comfortable seat preventing the mom to oppress the wound from an episiotomy.

It helps mom and baby to maintain good posture for breast and bottle feeding; and can also be a soft support for baby lying and learning to sit; removable, washable and zip closure cover that makes it clean easily.

This smart and practical pillow is useful before pregnancy, during and after the baby arrived; provides a comfy and customizable nursing support to meet the needs of mom and baby

  • Size: 138cm x 38cm
  • Material: Surface - 100% Cotton / Back - 100% Polyester / Inner - TC
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