Naforye Hug Helper Baby Carrier - Navy/Green
RM 195.00

Can be used in 4 different positions

Hug Helper Baby Carrier

The Hug Helper Baby Carrier is one of the greatest products for making life easier with your newborn baby. Useful for outings when baby stroller are too impractical, and perfect for keeping baby close to you when you're doing chores and ideal for comforting baby when they won't settle.

You can begin using the Hug Helper Baby Carrier from birth. For the first six months of baby's life, you'll need to use a carrier that allows your baby to sleep horizontally or facing you. This will keep them in close contact with giving your baby the reassurance from the sound of your heartbeat and providing plenty of protection and warmth. As baby gets older, being transported in the Hug Helper Baby Carrier, means they can interact with you and the people around them while getting a good view of the big wide world.

  • Comfortable and easy-to-use, it can be adjusted to various positions.
  • High quality cotton fabrics, selected for their softness and resistance.
  • With the Air-flow system inner to ensure maximum air circulation and ventilation, reducing perspiration.
  • The ergonomics design for both child and parent, gives you the freedom to remain active and hugs baby securely in your daily life. You'll also be hands-free allowing you to get on with other tasks.
  • Size: F
  • Material:100% Cotton & Polyester
  • Maximum weight: up to 15kgs
  • Available in 8 different colours

For Hug Helper Baby Carrier Usage Instruction, please click HERE

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