Naforye Sheet & Mattresses Protector - Bee
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 Bee Design

Sheet & Mattresses Protector (For Mummy and Baby)

Little Baby's drooling, spit-up, accidental diaper leaks mean lots of laundry; Try the Naforye Sheet & Mattresses Protector to save yourself some time -- while keeping your baby dry and comfy all day; just put it on the sheet and you don't have to go through the hassle of taking the bumpers off in order to change the sheet.

Also, it's an ideal way for potty training of your child -- no more changing sheets at midnight; weight-light and so easy to change;  your child can even do it himself.

Soft top and durable waterproof bottom that feels comfortable against baby's skin; machine washable, indispensable Sheet and Mattresses Protector is perfect for travel and can also be used as a changing mat.

  • Size: 89cm x 68cm
  • Material: Cotton + TC + TPE + Artificial Leather



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